Wisconsin Ginseng 100% Pure Root Powder


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KAISER FARMS WISCONSIN GINSENG (panax quinquefolium), a “true” ginseng, is known as the”cooling” (stress protective) ginseng. Wisconsin ginseng, with it’s “cooling” effect is well-suited for our stressed-filled industrialized society.

Wisconsin’s mineral-rich soil and unique climate provide ideal conditions to produce ginseng roots that contain the highest NATURAL level of ginsenosides in the world.

Ginseng is one of the oldest flowering plants on earth surviving for 150 million years. It’s ability to withstand extreme environmental changes is based on a group of active ingredients called ginsenoides. These same ginsenoides have been found to have substantial therapeutic effects. Therefore Ginseng has been given the unique classification as an adoptogen, a natural substance that helps normalize imbalances within the body.

Ginseng builds the bodies’ general resistance against the harmful effects of the physical, chemical, and biological stress. As an adoptogen it produces the following positive effects.

1. Naturally increases long-term energy and endurance
2. Supports the immune system
3. Promotes a natural anti-stress action on the body
4. Supports HDL (good cholesterol)
5. An excellent antioxidant protecting against tissue damage
6. Supports the cardiovascular system and coronary circulation
7. Stimulates the body to produce more interferon an anti-viral protective protein
8. Helps fight the development of cancer

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